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47 Springwood Rd, Ettalong Beach, NSW 2257
ASCTA, Swim Australia and AUSTSWIM Accredited

Good people do good work!

Qualified and friendly staff

Dedicated, friendly and patient staff

The staff at Peter Tulk Swimming School have one goal in mind, to make your child a safe and competent swimmer in a friendly and stress free environment.

We also cater for children with disabilities or special needs.

Training Works!

Accreditation and Qualifications

Staff have the following accreditation/ qualifications:

Only through these nationally recognised qualifications can our staff ensure that your child has the appropriate and relevant swimming and safety skills and understands the principles and practices of water safety.

our instructors

Peter Tulk Swimming School staff

Peter Tulk
Over 25 years experience teaching children to swim on the Peninsula.
Now teaching 2nd generation students (children of former students). ASCTA (Level 1 coaching), AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia accreditation, CPR, lifeguard and Bronze medallion.
7 years experience, AUSTSWIM accreditation.
16 years experience, AUSTSWIM and Swim Australia accreditation.
Rachael Tulk/ Roxanne
1 year experience, instructors in training who are working on gaining their full accreditation